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Construction of FLASH facility starts at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)

2023 saw the start of the construction of a clinical radiation facility that will allow FLASH irradiation of tumours with very high energy electrons. The collaborative project between CERN, the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), and THERYQ, a medical technology company, aims to revolutionise radiation therapy to treat cancers by using the FLASH technique. With the ability to accelerate electron beams to 100-200 MeV while delivering a precise dose in under 100 milliseconds, the designed facility can treat tumours up to 20cm deep. Moreover, this type of radiotherapy minimises damage to healthy surrounding tissue compared to other methods.

Construction of the FLASH facility starts at the Lausanne University Hospital

Construction of the FLASH facility starts at the Lausanne University Hospital. (Image: CHUV)

Along with the delivery of the project’s technical design report, last year marked the beginning of the bunker construction at the CHUV hospital. The bunker will serve as the infrastructure for the FLASH facility, housing the accelerator and the treatment room. In parallel, THERYQ and CERN have optimised the accelerator design to reflect a future potential industrialisation of the machine as well as optimisation of the clinical use of the facility. The facility will be manufactured by THERYQ.

The THERYQ team dedicated to the project now comprises around 20 people, all specialists in their fields, be it mechanical engineering, safety, physics, electronics, IT, logistics or regulatory affairs. 

There is a real synergy between the CERN, CHUV and THERYQ teams as they apply knowledge of fundamental science to create an innovative medical facility for cancer patients.

Building the innovative FLASH facility with CERN and CHUV is allowing THERYQ to quickly grow, ramp up operations, and provide several new job opportunities. Moreover, this project represents a game-changing progress in cancer treatment, offering new hope to patients with deep-seated tumours. Its introduction to the market will not only revolutionise oncology practices but also catalyse growth and innovation within THERYQ and its partners, creating a ripple effect of positive impact across the healthcare landscape.
– Ludovic Le Meunier, CEO of THERYQ

new job opportunities created

Seed funding: from CERN technology to an innovative cancer treatment 

Synergy between scientists, medical doctors and a tech company

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